Life SteriTrays also know as Sterilization Cassette is a safe way to handle instruments, it securely retains instruments in a perforated housing.

Life SteriTrays benefits professional in multiple ways

  • Simplified and organized way for handling and transporting Instruments
  • Available in various sizes & designs to accommodate wide range of Instruments.
  • Protect instruments from premature dulling and failure.
  • Procedure times will be improved with a systematic approach.
  • Eliminating the need to handle sharp instruments during the sterilization
  • Reduced risk of injury to staff
  • Reduce Instrument Replacement Cost due to dull and broken Instruments.


SteriTrays are fabricated in stainless steel 304 and equipped with silicone inserts. SteriTrays are available in various design patterns at most competitive prices. SteriTrays can be sterilized in autoclave even at the heaviest sterilization condition at 1340C for 18 minutes at pressure of 2.0 bar. The free flow of air and fluid in cassette makes the operation even more efficient.

SteriTrays keep the instruments visible and in organized way. They are applicable in almost all dental operations. Their ergonomic shape eases their gripping and handling. They save time of dental hygienist and ensure higher safety level.

These cassettes are recommended for dental operations and may be used to clean and to sterilize instruments in:
Implant surgery, Endodontics, Placement of membranes & other Dental procedure & fillings.