Intelloclave Nexgen [Automatic Autoclave]

Original price was: ₹15000.Current price is: ₹14500.

Intelloclave is the most advanced tabletop autoclave with Microchip controlled Sterilizing cycle @ 121Degree C with a time adjustment facility from Life Steriware. This gives the convenience to adjust the cycle time according to the requirement of the practitioner and eliminates the need for specialized staff. The Sterilizing cycle progress and the remaining cycle time are displayed on the digital panel.  Intelloclave automatically shuts off the heating with alarm on completion of sterilization cycle results in saving energy, increasing safety & Productivity.  These automatic tabletop autoclaves offer fast cycles, low maintenance and guaranteed long-lasting durability – thanks to Durable components that significantly reduce maintenance costs. Intelloclave comes in three sizes with standard accessories. The installation is an effortless Plug n’ Play solution & is maintenance-free.


Features & Benefits:  

  • Easy to operate anywhere, anytime.
  • Stylish, Light, Compact, Portable Easy to use top loading autoclaves.
  • Microchip controlled fast & silent sterilizing cycle at 121°C.
  • Digital Display shows the Temperature, Cycle Progress and remaining cycle time.
  • Fast 20 min. Sterilizing cycle at 1210 C.
  • 2-year  warranty on Microchip controller to ensure long-term Device satisfaction.
  • Optimal chamber utilization due to top-loading.
  • Extended life lid gasket and customized Heating Element.
  • Color-coded calibrated Pressure Gauge shows an internal chamber condition during the cycle.
  • Equipped with Heat resistant handles  & Depressurization valve.
  • Low Ownership cost, thanks to reliable components and minimum maintenance cost.
  • Ease of use eliminates the need for specialized staff to operate.



Technicals: Model ST911 – intelloClave ST1212 – intelloclave ST1214 – intelloclave
Chamber Material: All Aluminum seamless construction in EpoxyFinish
Dimension: [Ø x HT] 9″x 11″ 12″x12″ 12″x14
Vol. Capacity with lid 12 ltrs. 22 Ltr 25 Ltr
Sterilizing Temp. & Hold Time: 121oC for 25min.
Operating Pressure: 15 Psi
Total Cycle Time 45-55 Minutes
Timer Electronic Timer with Digital Dispay
Heater Wattage: 1000 w 1500w 2000w
Power Supply: 220 V AC,  50-60 Hz
Suitable for Drum Size: 8″/ 8″ 11″/9″ (11″/5″)*2  or Implant Kit
Safety:  Two-stage “StericlaveSecure Over Pressure” protection system