This Stericlave is the most economical Autoclave from Life Steriwatre for  Dental clinics. It is a Secure, Durable, efficient & Robust top-loading Autoclave. It has basic manual operations with sterilizing cycle at 121 Degree C.  The installation of Stericlave is an effortless Plug n’ Play solution  & is maintenance-free.  This model is available in three sizes with Dressing Drum of their respective sizes and standard accessories.

Features & Benefits :

  • Efficiently operate anywhere, anytime.
  • Stylish, Light, Compact, Portable Easy to use top loading autoclaves.
  • Optimal chamber utilization due to top-loading.
  • Extended life lid gasket and customized Heating Element.
  • Color-coded Pressure Gauge shows an internal chamber condition during the cycle.
  • Equipped with Heat resistant handles  & Depressurization valve.
  • Includes Dressing Drum.
  • Depressurization valve to reduce cooling time.
  • Reliable as in use for more than 25 years.


  • All Aluminum deep-drawn Seamless construction.
  • Equipped with Double stage “StericlaveSecure Over Pressure” protection system incorporating a calibrated continuous bleeding Stopcock and Excess Pressure release weight valve.
  • For assurance of quality, each Autoclave is tested to the parameter of successful sterilization.
  • The Dentalclave / Stericlave lid closes safely with just one easy step.  This saves time and is easy to operate.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test: @ 4 Bar.
  • 3 Wire Grounded Plug for safety.


Chamber Diameter 225 mm
Total height with lid 280 mm
Capacity with lid 11 ltrs.
Sterilizing Temperature 121oC
Operating Pressure 15 psi
Wattage 1000 w
Power Supply 110/220 v
Timer (Optional) Rotary 60 min.
Suitable for Single Drum size 8″ X 8″